Ad Hoc Hypothesis

Eliza and Questioning the Relevance of Modern Psychology
In my final project I’ve combined the Eliza library and a generative typography source code. Eliza is the library based on the original script written by Joseph Weizenbaum in 1966. Adapted to Java it is a ‘psychologist’ who answer back asking you more questions. The goal of Weizenbaum was to allow the user to find their own answer, help them express themselves. Though being amazed by the advanced and the idea behind it, the efficiency of this is relative. I don’t question Eliza but I question the inner monologue that it evokes. Therefore after the user quits the Eliza window, they are left with another one hidden behind it. This one is covered with dots, which is similar to a binary code or Braille Alphabet, metophorizing the complexity of human psychology and reasoning. Encrypted within is a text:  You are a combination of infinite amount of possibilities.

If you wish you can download the project files and play around with it. I encourage you to do so.